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Is the US liable for war crimes in Yemen?

Hypocrisy in international relations is not strange among superpowers, and is often part of the realpolitik of the global diplomatic stage. Hence, when America condemns Russia for the harm caused to the civilian population in Syria, it does so while being complicit in the same in Yemen, where its ally, Saudi Arabia, is leading an […]

US-made cluster bombs kill civilians in Yemen – but who answers for it?

Human Rights Watch recently reported that further evidence on the use of cluster bombs had been uncovered on Al Zira’a Street in the Yemeni capital Sanaa. Residents found pockmarks from the tiny bomblets released from these deadly devices along the street in homes, on their vehicles and even at the local kindergarten. The bomb in […]

The weapons used in Yemen should spark international outrage

Since March, the violence between the Houthi rebels and Abd Rabbo Mansur Hadi’s government has resulted in some of the worst humanitarian conditions of current war time, exacerbated by the Saudi-led airstrikes ostensibly launched to assist Hadi combat the rebels. War has few rules but even those strain to remain unbroken in modern warfare as […]

The mysterious disappearance of Sharif Mobley

On 26 January 2010, a US-born father of two of Somali origin was taken from his street where he was residing in Sana’a, Yemen by eight unarmed men in Balaclavas. He was shot in the leg and thrown into a van, taken to an unknown location, beaten and questioned. He was threatened with further torture […]