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World Refugee Day: Children failed by an inadequate system

This year, World Refugee Day has arrived in conjunction with what could be called the precipice of the refugee crisis. Migration of those fleeing conflict has reached unprecedented levels: Since January 2015, 1.2 million people have made the perilous journey across the Mediterranean sea to reach Europe; in 2016 so far, 35% of arrivals by sea have been children and […]

The Miranda effect: Rescuing human rights from the surveillance state

A very rare turn happened in the UK courts this week – the Master of the Rolls sat at the front bench of the highest body of redress the nation’s sovereignty affords and held that a piece of UK legislation was incompatible with our human rights. Except it was caveated – in the very least […]

How Tory Budget Cuts Have Created London’s Rough Sleeping Epidemic

London residents over the last few years will have noticed by eye, the rise of rough sleepers on the street. Many corners of the capital’s central corners have been occupied by dwellers that have lost their homes, or migrants from the EU and refugees that have not had adequate support. In five years figures have more than doubled […]

What UK Military Action in Syria Will Mean for the Rest of Us

Approval for the Government to go ahead and launch airstrikes on D’aesh strongholds led to tornado planes leaving the RAF base in Cyprus within hours, in order to conduct their first strikes, which they did so on one of the D’aesh held oil fields in the east. That seems to be the strategy going forward: bombing the oil fields to cut […]

Syria Vote: The 10 Key Arguments That Presented For And Against

Hours after a gruelling House of Commons debate on Syria UK tornado planes have carried out its first operation in Syria and conducted airstrikes. Yesterday, 11 hours of speeches and arguments saw 397 MPS vote in favour and 223 vote against Military action. Many of those speeches were applauded for their emphatic oration and many were lauded for technical […]

UK Immigration Picture 2003-2013

The picture below illustrates that the UK experiences immigration into it from a diverse mix of countries. The figures definitely are skewed towards the South Asia sub-continent, the United States and New Zealand and Australia. This suggests that the majority of immigration occurs for skilled labour. Poland is also a notable country of origin, which […]

Muslims in prison: over-representation and under-reformation

Government bodies have been reporting the over-representation of Muslims in the prison system for years. According to a report produced by Parliament, while Muslims in Britain represented only 4% of the population in 2012, they formed 13% of all prisoners and this statistic is rising year on year. Speculation around the causes for this has […]