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New immigration rules snuck through that will affect couples and families

A report on new Home Office guidance issued around the policy on spousal visas. It supposedly makes the ‘minimum income rules’ and financial requirement easier to meet. The Home Office made the changes because a Supreme Court said the rules were unnecessarily harsh on children and compelled the Home Office to adjust them. The response […]

These posters cropping up around the capital will have the Home Office hopping mad

Subvertising against @StMungos & @ThamesReach for their collaboration with the Home Office has hit the underground #CutTheCollaboration — NELMA (@NELMAcampaigns) July 31, 2017 Twitter story on a subvertising campaign to raise awareness of the collaboration between homeless charities and the Home Office to deport people on the street. First published in The Canary on […]

This is the sick gift the Tories are promising couples after 8 June

Report on lack of clarity from Tories for spouses on a visa and subject to minimum income rules during the General Election 2017. First published in The Canary on 30 May 2017: Jamie Crook, a 33-year-old musician from Gosport, was so concerned that he wrote to his local Conservative MP Caroline Dinenage. The Canary has seen […]

Theresa May’s flagship policy is coming back to haunt her before the general election [The Canary]

Feature on resistance against the minimum income rules for spousal visas and the effect on children. The Supreme Court ruled that the minimum income requirement rules, while lawful, should be altered to take into account other financial streams where children are involved if there is a risk that Article 8 of the European Convention on […]

Asylum seeker is gagged and locked in a toilet while sent back to a war zone [The Canary]

In-depth report on the treatment of an Iraqi asylum seeker being deported to an allegedly dangerous part of Iraq under duress and stress. First published in The Canary on 13 April 2017: Around 30 asylum seekers have reportedly been rounded up and detained in facilities across the UK ahead of mass deportation plans. And an alleged series of recent […]

This family has been driven out of Britain by love – and Home Office policy [The Canary]

Feature following the Supreme Court ruling that minimum income rules for spousal visas were lawful, Saima Jaffrie highlights how ludicrous the policy is in practice and the extreme impact it has had on her life.  First published in The Canary on 3 March 2017: A British citizen, Saima found love in India with an IT professional, […]

It’s time to end immigration detention [The New Arab]

First published in The New Arab on 15 September 2016: Surrounded by barbed wire, 24-hour security and electric fences, Yarl’s Wood looks and sounds like a prison – but it is Britain’s notorious “immigration detention facility”. Having faced a great deal of public criticism in the past year, on Saturday 10 September there was another […]