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Asylum seeker is gagged and locked in a toilet while sent back to a war zone [The Canary]

In-depth report on the treatment of an Iraqi asylum seeker being deported to an allegedly dangerous part of Iraq under duress and stress. First published in The Canary on 13 April 2017: Around 30 asylum seekers have reportedly been rounded up and detained in facilities across the UK ahead of mass deportation plans. And an alleged series of recent […]

Ads on the London Underground have been hacked, and the Tories are going to be furious

Campaign group End Deportations created a subvertising campaign to raise awareness of mass deportations.  First published in The Canary on 25 January 2017: End Deportations told The Canary that it regularly witnesses unjust cases. This includes people who have had no legal access or very limited access through a legal drop-in surgery in detention. Some have been […]

It’s time to end immigration detention [The New Arab]

First published in The New Arab on 15 September 2016: Surrounded by barbed wire, 24-hour security and electric fences, Yarl’s Wood looks and sounds like a prison – but it is Britain’s notorious “immigration detention facility”. Having faced a great deal of public criticism in the past year, on Saturday 10 September there was another […]

Yarl’s Wood has been protected by the government for too long. It’s time to shut it down [The Canary]

First published The Canary on 13 September 2016: They call it “Notorious Yarl’s Wood”. Notorious for sexual abuse. Notorious for maltreatment. And notorious in its reticence. In 2015, scandal hit the Bedfordshire detention centre, covered up by four walls and iron fences but uncovered by a series of investigations. In March 2015, Channel 4 News took footage inside the […]