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Chemical weapons in Sudan and the ‘responsibility to protect’ [The New Arab]

  Powerful nations are losing sight of what the ‘responsibility to protect’ really means First published in The New Arab on 7 October 2016: Powerful nations are losing sight of what the responsibility to protect (R2P) really means, as it is often equated with military intervention. But obligations under this principle are much wider, and […]

Is there a silver lining to the EU-Turkey deal?

While managing to circumvent many asylum obligations, both in terms of EU policy and international law, the EU-Turkey refugee deal is stunningly shocking, leading the humanitarian community to object and even protest on the ground. MSF only last week announced that it would withdraw from the World Humanitarian Summit in Istanbul this month and has previously withdrawn […]

Libya and Human Insecurity

Five years of turmoil has plagued Libya, post-Gadaffi. The fall of the dictator unleashed the wrath of rival militias vying for power, tearing the country apart. The priority for the average Libyan, however, remains taking care of basic needs – general health, food, shelter and energy. But meeting these priorities is becoming increasingly challenging, as movement […]

US-made cluster bombs kill civilians in Yemen – but who answers for it?

Human Rights Watch recently reported that further evidence on the use of cluster bombs had been uncovered on Al Zira’a Street in the Yemeni capital Sanaa. Residents found pockmarks from the tiny bomblets released from these deadly devices along the street in homes, on their vehicles and even at the local kindergarten. The bomb in […]

Russia must be held accountable for Syria cluster bombs

Russian air raids began in Syria on 3 September this year, targeting Islamic State group militants, in support of the Syrian government in helping to tackle the terrorist group’s spread in the region. While the message from Moscow is that only terrorist targets have been struck, the evidence gathered from international human rights NGOs is […]

What UK Military Action in Syria Will Mean for the Rest of Us

Approval for the Government to go ahead and launch airstrikes on D’aesh strongholds led to tornado planes leaving the RAF base in Cyprus within hours, in order to conduct their first strikes, which they did so on one of the D’aesh held oil fields in the east. That seems to be the strategy going forward: bombing the oil fields to cut […]

No Fly-Zone in Syria: Too big an ask?

Last week, allies President Bashar al-Assad and President Vladimir Putin met in Moscow for further talks on the Syria crisis. The chat also gave Assad a chance to thank Putin for his campaign of airstrikes that started on 30 September. The claim has been that the strikes have fundamentally decreased the spread of “terrorism” by targeting […]