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This is the powerful account from one firefighter at Grenfell Tower

Anonymous account from a firefighter at Grenfell Tower on the night of 14 June. Should be shared widely. First published in The Canary on 19 June 2017: A firefighter deployed to fight the blaze at Grenfell Tower on the morning of 14 June has sent an anonymous letter to campaign group Save the UK Fire Service. […]

A firefighter drops a stark warning on Theresa May’s government and lives could depend on it [The Canary]

Report/In-depth – Cuts have hit fire services all over the country. Now, a serving firefighter has told The Canary that more lives may soon be put at risk. And he says more firefighters, many of whom are already living below the poverty line, may well leave the profession. First published in The Canary on 16 June 2017: The tragedy that hit Grenfell […]