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It’s time to talk about violence against women in Lebanon [Middle East Eye]

Comment piece on violence against women and the difficulties in tackling it in Lebanon. first published in Middle East Eye on 9 March 2018: Lebanon is a country of apparent contradictions. It’s relatively well developed but fares third to last in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region on the gender gap. And while […]

There’s a crisis looming in Europe. And in spite of Brexit, we need to be paying attention to it [The Canary]

In-depth feature on a school providing education to refugees on Chios and the ramifications of less EU funding. The situation on the hotspot islands has been neglected in the media eye since Brexit as the UK prepares to wash its hands of EU issues. First published in The Canary on 9 June 2017: One charity, […]

European countries are wasting billions on ‘security’ measures that make the ‘migrant crisis’ worse [The Canary]

First published in The Canary on 21 September 2016: As the UN meets to resolve the world’s ‘migrant crisis’, a thinktank has revealed that Europe has spent billions trying to stop migrants entering its borders. But its efforts have not really worked, and have only placed migrants in greater danger. The first ever Refugee and […]

Young People Are Setting the Stage for a More Equitable Pakistan [Ms. Magazine]

First Published in Ms. Magazine on 4 August 2016: The developing world is currently experiencing a youth bulge. Half of the world’s population—just over 3.5 billion people—are under 30. Approximately 1.8 million of those young people are between 10 and 24; of them, 880 million are women, often concentrated in developing countries. A large young population […]

Migrants Need Access to Health Care

The migrant crisis will impede our ability to deliver Sustainable Development Goals for 2030. Post-2015, officials of the United Nations (UN) and other stakeholders started to think carefully about what development meant in this new era. Breaking down perceptions beyond extreme poverty or maternal health is still crucially important, but as a global development community, we acknowledged […]

Lowering Migration, Rising Inequality

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Infographic: International Accounts

A country’s international accounts are made up if its balance of payments and international investment position.The balance of payments refers to the economic transactions of all residents of a country and the rest of the world. This includes, exports, imports and claims on foreign currency. Technically the balance of payments should equate to zero but […]