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While Trump Jr’s busy spilling the beans, Hillary Clinton makes her own confession [The Canary]

Book review of ‘How I Lost By Hillary Clinton’ from OR Books. First published in The Canary on 14 July 2017:   There have been many articles and comments about why Clinton lost her election campaign. And it’s often been the stance of the Democratic Party itself to blame Russian interference, the electoral college system, and […]

Killing them softly: Palestinian voices at the Knesset [The New Arab]

The recent arrests of Balad party officials are the latest example of how Israel is using legislation and policy to quash Arab-Israeli political popularity First published in The New Arab on 22 September 2016: As 20 officials of the Balad party were arrested on charges of fraud, Secretary General Matanis Shahadeh of the targeted group […]

Libya Elections – a Blueprint for the Arab World?

Libya Elections – a Blueprint for the Arab World? Read more . . .