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Muslim by label and British by happenstance [The New Arab]

Comment: A government report released this week pinpointed the counter-extremism Prevent programme as one of the main factors holding Muslims back. First published in The New Arab on 6 July 2017: This week the government released a report they commissioned from Citizens UK, which showed concern that they’re “losing Muslims” in civil and political life, […]

If Trump keeps this up, Yemen’s quagmire could become a real proxy war [Middle East Eye]

Opinion piece on the White House’s clumsy meddling in Yemen that will inevitably worsen the conflict, benefitting al-Qaeda. First published in Middle East Eye on 14 February 2017: US counter-terrorism operations in Yemen are not new. Neither are foreign interventions, like the disastrous ones that thrived under Obama, whose administration managed to keep the body […]

Does the UK’s Prevent strategy provoke extremism instead? [The New Arab]

When discussion and dialogue are driven underground, ‘extremist’ rhetoric will simply remain unchallenged. First published in The New Arab on 31 October 2016: The UK government’s controversial Prevent strategy has been criticised by community groups, think tanks and individuals. Concentrated on the precarious area of pre-crime and based on a contested methodology, much is wrong with the […]

Prevent strategy is eroding trust between key professionals and the UK Muslim community [The Canary]

Open Society report – Eroding Justice – on the structural flaws of the Prevent Strategy, which damages trust between teachers and health professionals and members of the UK’s Muslim community, which is essential to counterterrorism efforts. First published in The Canary on 21 October 2016: Some of the key traits of the Prevent strategy are […]

How The Taliban are used to help defeat Daesh [The Canary]

First published in The Canary on 26 July 2016: The weekend attack in Kabul that killed 80 civilians is raising questions about Daesh (Islamic State) in Afghanistan. The attack on Afghanistan’s capital could be a sign of Daesh’s growing strength. US and Afghan National Forces (ANF) are therefore keen to retaliate and eliminate the threat as quickly […]

Secret Wars and Special Ops

The nature of war has well and truly changed. Experts have commentated that conflict is now more protracted and marred with brutal and ‘dirty’ strategies. That applies to the conflicts we know about – what about those we don’t. War seems to be acting out in more covert ways supposedly in the pursuit of national […]

The Miranda effect: Rescuing human rights from the surveillance state

A very rare turn happened in the UK courts this week – the Master of the Rolls sat at the front bench of the highest body of redress the nation’s sovereignty affords and held that a piece of UK legislation was incompatible with our human rights. Except it was caveated – in the very least […]