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Yemen’s other refugee crisis [Al Jazeera]

Feature on a campaign to raise awareness of asylum seekers fleeing into Yemen. First published in Al Jazeera on 11 March 2017: Yemen is currently home to more than 270,000 refugees and asylum seekers, predominantly from Africa, according to UNHCR. In 2016, at least 117,000 more arrived, the agency said. The influx has alarmed humanitarian workers […]

If Trump keeps this up, Yemen’s quagmire could become a real proxy war [Middle East Eye]

Opinion piece on the White House’s clumsy meddling in Yemen that will inevitably worsen the conflict, benefitting al-Qaeda. First published in Middle East Eye on 14 February 2017: US counter-terrorism operations in Yemen are not new. Neither are foreign interventions, like the disastrous ones that thrived under Obama, whose administration managed to keep the body […]

A ‘major whitewash’ has landed Theresa May’s government in court [The Canary]

  The High Court proceeded with a judicial review case determining whether the UK’s decision to continue arms sales with Saudi Arabia was lawful in the context of possible war crimes in Yemen. Opinion piece discussing the whitewashing of abuses by the UK government. First published in The Canary on 8 February 2017: Last year, […]

Yemen’s whitewashed crisis [The New Arab]

Yemenis are starving in an aggressive war that shows no signs of resolve, but the UK continues to whitewash its weapons sales to Saudi Arabia. First published in The New Arab on 26 January 2017: The UK has a special relationship with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, enjoying good trade ties; and Saudi Arabia is […]

The UK is deporting children back to one of the most dangerous countries in the world

A UN report found Afghanistan to be one of the most dangerous places in the world, but the returns to Afghanistan from the UK continue. First published in The Canary on 12 January 2017: Afghanistan has over half a million internally displaced people (IDP). This is on top of international Afghan refugees. An average of 1,500 […]

Chemical weapons in Sudan and the ‘responsibility to protect’ [The New Arab]

  Powerful nations are losing sight of what the ‘responsibility to protect’ really means First published in The New Arab on 7 October 2016: Powerful nations are losing sight of what the responsibility to protect (R2P) really means, as it is often equated with military intervention. But obligations under this principle are much wider, and […]

How The Taliban are used to help defeat Daesh [The Canary]

First published in The Canary on 26 July 2016: The weekend attack in Kabul that killed 80 civilians is raising questions about Daesh (Islamic State) in Afghanistan. The attack on Afghanistan’s capital could be a sign of Daesh’s growing strength. US and Afghan National Forces (ANF) are therefore keen to retaliate and eliminate the threat as quickly […]