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Discreet allure: Lindsay Lohan boosts ‘trend-setting’ London Modest Fashion Week [The New Arab]

Report on London Modest Fashion Week. First published in The New Arab on 19 February 2018: Roumana Bint-Abubaker is CEO and founder of Haute-Elan. Adijumaand HIJUP recently acquired a majority stake in the company, a modest fashion e-commerce site and organiser of LMFW. “What is exciting”, she said, “is the diversity of segments. We have […]

Iran Hits The London Art Scene [The Iranian]

Interview with Riley Frost, founder of Contemporary and Modern Art (CAMA) – an art gallery in focused on art by Iranian artists. First published in The Iranian: The idea is relatively niche for the London art scene. A city renowned for its auction houses like Sotheby’s and Christies, some remarked in the 1980s that contemporary […]

Millions are watching one young poet talk about her humanity, because it’s absolute fire [The Canary]

Report on Missing Muslims report with reference to the much talked about poem by Suhaiymah Manzoor-Khan. First published in The Canary on 7 July 2017: Over a million people have watched a video of young poet Suhaiymah Manzoor-Khan reciting her entry at The Last Word Festival in London. Manzoor-Khan shares her powerful insights into the […]

FIFA throws Israel a free pass. But Palestinians play the perfect comeback [The Canary]

Report on FIFA’s delay again on voting regarding Israeli settlement teams at 67th FIFA Congress, and possible Palestinian action. First published in The Canary on 13 May 2017: The Palestinian Football Association (PFA) along with campaigners had urged FIFA to ban Israeli clubs that are based in illegal settlements on occupied Palestinian land. But FIFA President […]

Yemen’s other refugee crisis [Al Jazeera]

Feature on a campaign to raise awareness of asylum seekers fleeing into Yemen. First published in Al Jazeera on 11 March 2017: Yemen is currently home to more than 270,000 refugees and asylum seekers, predominantly from Africa, according to UNHCR. In 2016, at least 117,000 more arrived, the agency said. The influx has alarmed humanitarian workers […]

A Lebanese architect just created your next war-zone essential [The Canary]

First Published in The Canary on 26 August 2016: Salim Kadi has designed the first ever bulletproof headscarf, which is much lighter than traditional bulletproof garments but just as strong. Kadi didn’t design it to stop flying shots, though. Instead, he wanted society to pause, and start a conversation about current perceptions. And he has […]