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Young People Are Setting the Stage for a More Equitable Pakistan [Ms. Magazine]

First Published in Ms. Magazine on 4 August 2016: The developing world is currently experiencing a youth bulge. Half of the world’s population—just over 3.5 billion people—are under 30. Approximately 1.8 million of those young people are between 10 and 24; of them, 880 million are women, often concentrated in developing countries. A large young population […]

Greater transparency on drones leads to further questions [The New Arab]

While the US’s steps towards greater transparency concerning its drone programme may appear disingenuous, the UK needs to start moving in a similar direction. First published in The New Arab on 21 July 2016: A recent report from the Director of National Intelligence (DNI), designed to present some transparency to the US drone programme, has […]

CIA Drone Strikes

Armed drone strikes are a controversial tactic that was and is still being pursued by the American Government in order to curb the threat of terrorism from Pakistan. They have been centred on the tribal areas of the country and have been criticised for the lack of precision they have had in targeting armed combatants […]

Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette

Lahore, Pakistan Urban households start early to prepare the evening meal  

Human Trafficking in Pakistan Part 4 – The Government Response

In 2002, the US, in their annual report on trafficking in persons, took Pakistan off the watchlist as countries who were not making any effort in the fight against trafficking. The reason for this removal was because Pakistan made an action to create a piece of legislation, called the Prevention and Control against Human Trafficking […]

Human Trafficking in Pakistan Part 3 – Testimonials

Saleema’s Story* Saleema was kidnapped when she was 9, raped 2 years later after being sold to a human trafficker Iqbal. She was raped again, kept in domestic servitude and was claimed as Iqbal’s wife, even though there was no ceremony. She had 2 children by the age of 14. She tried to escape many […]

Human Trafficking in Pakistan Part 2 – Modus Operandi

Human trafficking is big business! It’s the third largest revenue generator from an illegal source, after drugs and guns and hidden operations have been found in every continent and the most surprising locations. Methods boil down to old fashioned organised crime, corruption, psychological and mental intimidation. In Pakistan, while organised crime is strongly linked to […]