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Trump’s UNRWA cuts hold Palestinians hostage [The New Arab]

Comment piece on US funding cuts to UNRWA, the refugee agency for Palestinians, and the implications. First published in The New Arab on 19 January 2018: While the US might deny it, all signs point to the fact that withdrawal of aid is a proverbial gun to the head of the Palestinians. As President Trump […]

One of Britain’s most elite streets got shut down for a very important political message [The Canary]

"Palestine is central to the cause of justice all around the world" PSC protest in London #FreePalestine #SaveAlAqsa — Sophia Akram (@mssophiaakram) July 22, 2017 Ground report on protest organised by the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign against the crackdown on al-Aqsa. First published in The Canary on 23 July 2017: On 22 July, police shut […]

FIFA throws Israel a free pass. But Palestinians play the perfect comeback [The Canary]

Report on FIFA’s delay again on voting regarding Israeli settlement teams at 67th FIFA Congress, and possible Palestinian action. First published in The Canary on 13 May 2017: The Palestinian Football Association (PFA) along with campaigners had urged FIFA to ban Israeli clubs that are based in illegal settlements on occupied Palestinian land. But FIFA President […]

An equal-rights bi-national one-state solution is the only solution [The New Arab]

Did Trump just kill off the two-state solution? The time has come for a single-state, with equal rights for all, before Israel creates one without Palestinians. First published in The New Arab on 17 february 2017: In the three weeks since Donald Trump took presidential office, he has besmirched the White House with a tornado […]

Opinion: International Media and Palestine [Journal of Palestinian Refugee Studies]

Opinion piece on the media and Palestine, in the context of the internationalisation of Palestine. First published in Journal of Palestinian Refugee Studies Volume 5/2: What is often missing from any discursive action on Palestine is the issue of Palestinian refugees and the right of return. This is the epitome of resistance for Palestinians, to demand […]

JPRS Volume 5/2 – From the Editor [Journal of Palestinian Refugee Studies]

Editor on the Journal of Palestinian Refugee Studies Volume 5/2 Editorial: It is ironic that ‘Internationalisation’ should be a ‘theme’ for this edition. Choosing themes often has the implication of being a recent development or a trend that needs to be covered. Internationalisation of Palestine, meaning the adaption of Palestine as an issue by the […]

World War 1 Impact on Palestine [Palestinian Return Centre/Al Jazeera Centre for Studies]

Co-editor on book project – World War 1 Impact on Palestine – a collection of essays from Y Aktay, J Keay, G Karmi, J handmaker, K. Sabbagh, P. Shambrook, J.H. Hassan,O. Miles, A. Gorman, G. Achcar and more S Abu Sitta. Foreword by Richard Falk. Product description on Amazon: Great Britain recently marked the centenary to commemorate […]