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More Than Two Years On, Refugees Are Stuck In A Lawless Hell In Greece [The Iranian]

In-depth report on the asylum process and lawlessness toward refugees in Greece. First published in The Iranian: Refugees in Greece have been waiting months for their asylum applications to be processed. Current flows into the Greek islands are from origin countries that are both high recognition like Syria and low recognition like Pakistan and Afghanistan. […]

The Real Refugee Crisis Isn’t On Our TV Screens [Huffington Post]

Huffington Post blog on the political stagnation and violence faced by refugees on the Greek Islands and hotspots. First published in the Huffington Post on 20 July 2017: After the listlessness of winter, summer is usually the antidote. Peak weather, renewed energy. Things start happening, people begin moving. For most of us this means enjoying life […]

There’s a crisis looming in Europe. And in spite of Brexit, we need to be paying attention to it [The Canary]

In-depth feature on a school providing education to refugees on Chios and the ramifications of less EU funding. The situation on the hotspot islands has been neglected in the media eye since Brexit as the UK prepares to wash its hands of EU issues. First published in The Canary on 9 June 2017: One charity, […]

This isn’t a refugee crisis, it’s a policy crisis [The New Arab]

Europe has completely mismanaged its relative ‘migration crisis’, and created an actual crisis in its wake. First published in The New Arab on 11 November 2016: It’s been two weeks since the notorious refugee camp in Calais was cleared. Thousands residing there hoping to make it to the UK, were bussed to alternative centres throughout France. […]

The trigger-happy EU policy involved in an ongoing ‘crime against humanity’ [The Canary]

First published in The Canary on 23 August 2016: When questioned by The Intercept, Frontex officials said they shoot to stop smugglers rather than boats, although the difference is not so apparent. The smugglers, however, seem to have become very aware of how the coast guard will react. Sabrina Chaudry, a volunteer with Insaaf, a […]