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Discreet allure: Lindsay Lohan boosts ‘trend-setting’ London Modest Fashion Week [The New Arab]

Report on London Modest Fashion Week. First published in The New Arab on 19 February 2018: Roumana Bint-Abubaker is CEO and founder of Haute-Elan. Adijumaand HIJUP recently acquired a majority stake in the company, a modest fashion e-commerce site and organiser of LMFW. “What is exciting”, she said, “is the diversity of segments. We have […]

UK refugee law needs a new definition of ‘family’ [The New Arab]

Comment piece on up upcoming Refugees Bill and report on the need for new definitions of family to apply to Fammily reunification rules. First published in The New Arab on 1 February 2018: With an extant refugee crisis on the continent, the UK won’t win any awards for its part in taking it on. Already […]

Trump’s UNRWA cuts hold Palestinians hostage [The New Arab]

Comment piece on US funding cuts to UNRWA, the refugee agency for Palestinians, and the implications. First published in The New Arab on 19 January 2018: While the US might deny it, all signs point to the fact that withdrawal of aid is a proverbial gun to the head of the Palestinians. As President Trump […]

It’s time to get real about the death toll in Yemen [The New Arab]

Comment piece on civilian death toll and targeting civilian infrastructure. First published in The New Arab. 10,000 people have died as a result of the war in Yemen, over 5,000 of them have been civilians. Except we’ve been hearing that statistic for close to a year now, one that was conservative to begin with. Now, after […]

Boris Johnson’s blunder on Nazanin is now one too many [The New Arab]

Comment piece in The New Arab after Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson made false remarks on Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe’s presence in Iran: Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, an Iranian dual national, who has been languishing in an Iranian jail on trumped up charges since April 2016, was brought before notorious hardline Judge Salavati in a revolutionary court on 4 November. […]

Muslim by label and British by happenstance [The New Arab]

Comment: A government report released this week pinpointed the counter-extremism Prevent programme as one of the main factors holding Muslims back. First published in The New Arab on 6 July 2017: This week the government released a report they commissioned from Citizens UK, which showed concern that they’re “losing Muslims” in civil and political life, […]

Everest to NYC: Female Saudi mountain-climber scales new summits [The New Arab]

Q&A with Raha Moharrak, the first Saudi woman to climb Mount Everest while she is at the NYC Women in the World Summit 2017. First published in The New Arab on 6 April 2017: Raha Moharrak, the renowned mountain climber who was the first Saudi woman to climb Mount Everest, often tells an endearing story […]