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The uncertain future of France’s refugee camps (The New Arab)

NGOs in France have built a model refugee camp and the state now wants to take it over. But do their long-term intentions involve anything other than dismantling it? For those news readers who rely on headlines and front pages to keep abreast of the refugee crisis, they’d be forgiven for thinking that the Calais Jungle or […]

Is there a silver lining to the EU-Turkey deal?

While managing to circumvent many asylum obligations, both in terms of EU policy and international law, the EU-Turkey refugee deal is stunningly shocking, leading the humanitarian community to object and even protest on the ground. MSF only last week announced that it would withdraw from the World Humanitarian Summit in Istanbul this month and has previously withdrawn […]

Migrants Need Access to Health Care

The migrant crisis will impede our ability to deliver Sustainable Development Goals for 2030. Post-2015, officials of the United Nations (UN) and other stakeholders started to think carefully about what development meant in this new era. Breaking down perceptions beyond extreme poverty or maternal health is still crucially important, but as a global development community, we acknowledged […]

Fear and violence in Calais’ Jungle Camp

Calais is no longer just a port for cheap cheese and wine but a microcosm of tensions around the European migrant crisis. On Friday 12 February, Marianne Humbersot of the Calais Legal Centre, situated in Calais’ Jungle Camp, announced that they would be calling for action against a rising paradigm of violence in the city against the migrant […]

Why The Calais Jungles has Become A Realm of Fear

The Calais Jungle is facing increased violence and evictions in a campaign of intimidation to oust refugees from its town. Instead of new beginnings and prosperity for the New Year, events for the residents of the ‘Calais Jungle’ have gone from bad to worse. Tear gas in the camps, bulldozing religious buildings and violent protests […]

UK Immigration Picture 2003-2013

The picture below illustrates that the UK experiences immigration into it from a diverse mix of countries. The figures definitely are skewed towards the South Asia sub-continent, the United States and New Zealand and Australia. This suggests that the majority of immigration occurs for skilled labour. Poland is also a notable country of origin, which […]