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Anti-trafficking strategies: Putting the Victim First

                      In Malaysia, victims of trafficking are often treated like criminals. Analysts claim human trafficking is rife on every continent on the globe; present in almost every country and, according to the recent annual report of the US State Department onTrafficking in Persons (TIP), the situation […]

Cutting Borders – Ethnic Tensions and Burmese Refugees

Ethnic tensions and xenophobia follow Burmese refugees across borders. Despite independence in 1948, Burma has been plagued by problems since the military junta took state control in 1962. Power struggles, conflict, occupation, resource extraction and ethnic tensions have all incited Burma’s displacement issue. While exact numbers are unknown, estimates are in the region of 1 […]

Malaysia Truly Asia

A catchy tagline from the Tourism Department, it’s not hard to guess what it means. Malaysia is a ‘bubbling, bustling melting pot of races and religions’ offering an ‘exciting diversity of cultures, festivals, traditions and customs’ ( I’ve found myself in the unexpected situation of living in Kuala Lumpur, the federal capital of Malaysia. Malaysia’s not […]

Confessions of a trafficker

(A story by the Star) Pressing this as we don’t ordinarily hear these stories. See orginal – KAJANG: Lured by the handsome commission he was promised to transport illegal immigrants, Nazri Abdullah (not his real name) threw caution to the wind by accepting the “job”, even though he was aware of the consequences if he got […]