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World Refugee Day: Children failed by an inadequate system

This year, World Refugee Day has arrived in conjunction with what could be called the precipice of the refugee crisis. Migration of those fleeing conflict has reached unprecedented levels: Since January 2015, 1.2 million people have made the perilous journey across the Mediterranean sea to reach Europe; in 2016 so far, 35% of arrivals by sea have been children and […]

Forgotten and without a future: Syria’s Palestinian refugees

A small group of Palestinians from war-torn Syria have found themselves among the rising migration flows from conflict-stricken countries in the Middle East and other regions. The presence of the Palestinians is one of many hidden migration trends occurring between Syria and Europe – hidden truths that are leading to migration officials asking the wrong […]

Fear and violence in Calais’ Jungle Camp

Calais is no longer just a port for cheap cheese and wine but a microcosm of tensions around the European migrant crisis. On Friday 12 February, Marianne Humbersot of the Calais Legal Centre, situated in Calais’ Jungle Camp, announced that they would be calling for action against a rising paradigm of violence in the city against the migrant […]

Why The Calais Jungles has Become A Realm of Fear

The Calais Jungle is facing increased violence and evictions in a campaign of intimidation to oust refugees from its town. Instead of new beginnings and prosperity for the New Year, events for the residents of the ‘Calais Jungle’ have gone from bad to worse. Tear gas in the camps, bulldozing religious buildings and violent protests […]

Calais refugees: Escape from war but the traumas continue

As the threat of eviction that refugees in France’s Calais “Jungle” is delayed by a French court, the temporary sigh of relief won’t be enough to ease the psychological traumas of the camp’s inhabitants. It remains unclear exactly when the French government will destroy the refugee camp, but one thing is for sure: they may be far […]

France Begins To Bulldoze Refugee Camps In Calais

In Calais, in a part of France that is starting to resemble areas like the West Bank and Gaza rather than the popular trading and shopping port that Brits so often like to visit, brutal Police and fascist tactics are taking place that are seeing refugees face more hardship and heartache. Read More  

How Tory Budget Cuts Have Created London’s Rough Sleeping Epidemic

London residents over the last few years will have noticed by eye, the rise of rough sleepers on the street. Many corners of the capital’s central corners have been occupied by dwellers that have lost their homes, or migrants from the EU and refugees that have not had adequate support. In five years figures have more than doubled […]