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World Refugee Day: Children failed by an inadequate system

This year, World Refugee Day has arrived in conjunction with what could be called the precipice of the refugee crisis. Migration of those fleeing conflict has reached unprecedented levels: Since January 2015, 1.2 million people have made the perilous journey across the Mediterranean sea to reach Europe; in 2016 so far, 35% of arrivals by sea have been children and […]

Why EU citizens Should take matters into their own hands

Amnesty International along with the consultancy GlobalScan, recently announced the results of a global survey, which ranked countries accordingly to how welcoming they were to refugees fleeing war and persecution. The Refugees Welcome Index found that globally 80 percent of people would happily accept people fleeing war and persecution into their country, showing that most countries’ policies […]

Foul play: Will Israel be given the red card?

In the words of Sepp Blatter, the fallen former FIFA chief, it was “in great generosity” that Jibril Rajoub, the head of the Palestinian Football Association, withdrew a proposal to ban the Israel Football Association from the FIFA family for violating its statutes. A long list of complaints has hindered the ability of Palestinians to meaningfully participate […]

Iraq Is Facing a Massive Mental Health Crisis

My name is Nihad Barakat, I’m from the Sinjar [in Iraq]. We’ve been through some very bad times.” Barakat is a sixteen-year-old girl who was once held captive by ISIS. “They kidnapped us, they raped us, they killed the men, they took our babies from us,” she continued. Barakat made these comments at a conference […]

Regional conflicts overshadow Iraqi mental health

Ceasefires, barrel bombs, civilian casualties, large migration flows, Bashar al-Assad, rebels, and the Islamic State, also known as Daesh; when looking at the Middle East, all attention is focused on Syria right now. Looming in the shadows of neighboring countries however – in Libya, Yemen, Iraq – are several conflicts all affected by a similar foe, […]

Migrants Need Access to Health Care

The migrant crisis will impede our ability to deliver Sustainable Development Goals for 2030. Post-2015, officials of the United Nations (UN) and other stakeholders started to think carefully about what development meant in this new era. Breaking down perceptions beyond extreme poverty or maternal health is still crucially important, but as a global development community, we acknowledged […]

Why The Decision For Calais Jungle To Be Destroyed Could Backfire

The decision made by a Judge to uphold the Calais Prefecture’s intention to evict and destroy part of the Jungle denied any infringement on human rights and deemed it in the best interest of public order and the migrants themselves. Yesterday a French judge ruled in favour of the French Prefecture, the defence in a […]