The wrong story: Palestine, Israel and the media [The New Arab]

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Book review on Greg Shupak’s ‘The wrong story: Palestine, Israel and the media’. First published in The New Arab on 1 May 2018:

Greg Shupak is an academic and writer, who’s used to going against the grain, having written for the Electronic Intifada, Jacobin and other alternative media outlets.

It is therefore, no surprise that he seeks to put the record straight on Israel and Palestine and offer an alternative account to the one you might find in the mainstream media.

Shupak says that the story we are fed by the corporate media of today is “the wrong story”, which is exactly what the book, published by OR Books, is called’ ‘The Wrong Story: Palestine, Israel and the Media’.

With a particular focus on The New York Times (NYT) editorials published during the third Israeli incursion on Gaza in 2014, and Operation Protective Edge, Shupak lays out just where things go awry in the media:

“People can and do think critically about the media they consume. Yet when media outlets misrepresent issues, they hamper the public’s capacity to systematically understand the topics of the day.” writes Shupak.

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