Residents step up the fight to save their homes from a merger that should worry us all


In-depth report on action against Notting Hill Housing and Genesis merger, which are prompting fears of further social cleansing in the city.

First published in The Canary on 15 September 2017:

Protesters gathered outside the London offices of Notting Hill Housing (NHH) on 13 September. One of the organisers of the demonstration and NHH resident, Gemini Verny Dyde, spoke to The Canary. And she explained why they were there:

“Residents from NHH Association and Genesis… have come together under a campaign to stop the merger that’s happening between [them].

The residents are not happy about this and the reason why they are not happy… is because they know instinctively what this kind of move means.

We already know how Genesis [is] treating residents which is absolutely appallingly. People have had rent hikes up to 177%. Leaseholders have had cyclical maintenance rise by up to 800%. And Genesis have also been selling off properties… It really is social cleansing”.

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