This is the sick gift the Tories are promising couples after 8 June


Source: Flickr

Report on lack of clarity from Tories for spouses on a visa and subject to minimum income rules during the General Election 2017.

First published in The Canary on 30 May 2017:

Jamie Crook, a 33-year-old musician from Gosport, was so concerned that he wrote to his local Conservative MP Caroline Dinenage. The Canary has seen their correspondence.

Dinenage’s assistant Glenn Duggan wrote back saying they couldn’t clarify the policy and admitted it was “vague”:

“The issue you are seeking clarification over, is just one line in the Conservative Manifesto and like a lot of things in any Party’s Manifesto, is vague and no one at this stage is able to provide any further information, so we are not able to provide you with the information you are requesting.”

Duggan did suggest that new rules probably would not affect Jamie’s wife, an Australian citizen. And he promised to help Crook if needed after the election if Dinenage retains her seat.

But Crook told The Canary he fears that no one knows what the new policy will be, and that Duggan is basically guessing what the policy might mean for his wife.

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