These posters cropping up around the capital will have the Home Office hopping mad

Twitter story on a subvertising campaign to raise awareness of the collaboration between homeless charities and the Home Office to deport people on the street.

First published in The Canary on 1 August 2017:

Posters that are cropping up in London are likely to annoy the Home Office. This is because they raise awareness about the collaboration between homeless charities and department officials that is leading to unjust deportations.

Guerrilla campaign

The posters are part of a ‘subvertising’ campaign to raise awareness about the collaboration.

As The Canary reported in March 2017, a Corporate Watch report found that the charities had been working with Immigration Compliance and Enforcement (ICE) officers on patrols targeting rough sleepers in London. It also said that outreach teams routinely pass on the locations of non-UK rough sleepers to ICE officers. And the Greater London Authority allegedly contracted the charities under a “payment by numbers” scheme. That is, the more rough sleepers they help to deport, the more money they earn.

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