Theresa May’s flagship policy is coming back to haunt her before the general election [The Canary]

Feature on resistance against the minimum income rules for spousal visas and the effect on children. The Supreme Court ruled that the minimum income requirement rules, while lawful, should be altered to take into account other financial streams where children are involved if there is a risk that Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) – right to family life – could be in breach.

When The Canaryspoke to Saima Jaffrie in February, the rules had turned her life upside down. Despite her husband’s £70k salary for a Swiss company, the rules forced her to leave the UK and take her child away from her country of birth. And the Children’s Commissioner raised the “profound” impact the policy can have on a child in a 2015 report. These include feelings of stress and anxiety.

May must apologise

Campaigners now want May to apologise for this unlawful treatment of children. And, furthermore, to allow UK citizens to live in the UK with their husbands and wives.

One of the campaigners behind the petitions told The Canary:

“These rules very much belong to Theresa May, as she drew them up when she was Home Secretary – it would be nice to think they could become a bigger feature of this election campaign than they have in other recent campaigns.”

This certainly has not seemed to be the case. Instead, May is driving home the net migration target of under 100,000. Net migration is currently around 273,000.

Meanwhile, the impact of the policy has not been trivial.

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