The Real Refugee Crisis Isn’t On Our TV Screens [Huffington Post]

Huffington Post blog on the political stagnation and violence faced by refugees on the Greek Islands and hotspots.

First published in the Huffington Post on 20 July 2017:

After the listlessness of winter, summer is usually the antidote. Peak weather, renewed energy. Things start happening, people begin moving. For most of us this means enjoying life a little more. But for some it’s what their life depends on. Which is why this summer, the numbers of people trying to cross the Mediterranean sea from Libya to Italy geared up again. And at least one media outlet expressed surprise as they filmed boats arrive at the coast of Lesvos, perhaps half expecting that problem to have gone away since the EU-Turkey deal took effect.

Boats have been arriving at the Greek islands however, every month on an almost weekly basis. The frequency and volume may have gone down but the refugees didn’t disappear. But what they’re heading towards is almost as tragic as what they left behind. And while renewed media attention is welcome on the issue, as soon as the cameras turn away, the reality on the islands they reach is stark and underreported.

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