The far right can stop celebrating, the headscarf ban is “nothing of the sort” [The Canary]


Source: InSaphoWeTrust/Flickr

Report and analysis on the implications of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruling that employers can legally ban headscarves.

First published in The Canary on 18 March 2017:

But the legal community thinks the judgment was blown out of proportion.

E-zine Legal Cheek wrote that the media started writing headlines before the judgment on two relevant cases came out. And the judgment applies only to direct discrimination. But an employer can still be guilty of indirect discrimination even if they have a ‘neutral’ uniform policy.

In Britain, nothing has changed. As Jonathan Chamberlain, an Employment law specialist from Gowling WLG, told The Canary, the so-called headscarf ban is “nothing of the sort”. He continued:

“Frankly, it shouldn’t have much effect in the UK but if it does it’s most likely to be because whoever’s trying to implement any ‘ban’ has some other agenda.”

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