Make no mistake. Kensington and Chelsea’s latest meeting about Grenfell was shameful [OPINION]


Source: Writer’s own

Opinion and account of Kensington & Chelsea’s first open meeting after the Grenfell Tower fire.

First published in The Canary on 20 July 2017:

This all showed that the new Conservative leader of the council, Elizabeth Campbell, will have a tough job ahead of her. She proved to be deeply unpopular among crowds and the survivors. While she promised an inclusive and more attentive approach, she seemed to convince no one.

The Grenfell Action Group blog’s co-author, Edward Daffarn, mentioned how disingenuous he thought the council was in his address:

“You roll your eyes at me, but I’ll show you an email that we wrote to you in July 2010, on the eve of this cabinet taking the decision to fund Kensington Aldridge Academy. We wrote to you, and you were CC’d into that email and we told you that if you build this building you will be putting the fire safety of Grenfell Tower residents at risk and you ignored us.

That email was CC’d to… the leader of the council, and to you, Elizabeth Campbell, and you ignored us. The way you treated our community groups with contempt was despicable.”

Accusations that a council member rolled her eyes were repeated a number of times. Including by Silchester Estate resident and campaigner Piers Thompson, who said:

“We saw you roll your eyes, madam.”

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