FIFA throws Israel a free pass. But Palestinians play the perfect comeback [The Canary]


Source: Flickr

Report on FIFA’s delay again on voting regarding Israeli settlement teams at 67th FIFA Congress, and possible Palestinian action.

First published in The Canary on 13 May 2017:

The Palestinian Football Association (PFA) along with campaigners had urged FIFA to ban Israeli clubs that are based in illegal settlements on occupied Palestinian land. But FIFA President Giovanni Infantino’s proposal to delay a vote on the ban until March 2018 was approved by the congress. The decision said this would give the monitoring committee tasked with trying to resolve the issue a nine-month extension to find a solution.

Tokyo Sexwale, the head of FIFA’s monitoring committee, submitted a report on the matter in March 2017. But it was rejected by the Israel Football Association (IFA), which described it as “politicized and fundamentally flawed”. The IFA added that the settlements are not on ‘occupied land’ because there are competing claims to the land. But the UN disagrees, stating that Israel is an “occupying power” and that all settlement activity must cease.

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