All this woman wants to do on International Women’s Day is stop pregnant women getting screwed over [The Canary]


Source: Joeli Brearley

Feature on ‘Pregnant Then Screwed’ for International Women’s Day 2017. The advocacy group are lobbying for the law to change around the time limit for raising a grievance and case for unfair dismissal in an employment tribunal. Because the rate of unfair dismissal of pregnant women is getting worse. 

First published in The Canary on 8 March 2017:

PTS has been documenting the evidence. It shared several case studies with The Canary, that it will release online for the #GiveMeSix campaign. A campaign aiming to extend the time limit, started by four Warwick law students.

In one case, a solicitor from London says she was denied the same opportunities after having her first baby and lost her job after announcing her second pregnancy:

“Such a short time limit, when other areas of litigation have limitation periods of up to 6 years, can only dissuade women from taking up their legal entitlement to pursue their employer if they have been wrongfully treated.”

Another involved an NHS Patient Services Manager with five years experience, who was advised not to have a baby. When she had to reapply for her job, she was unsuccessful:

“As a consequence of stress and the hormone imbalances of childbirth I became ill soon after the birth of my child and could not face the prospect of fighting my case. Once I started to feel mentally and physically well again, it was too late. I have never worked in the NHS since.”

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