Ali Youssefi – Reinventing The Urban Lifestyle [The Iranian]


Source: Ali Youseffi [Credit: Julia Maas]

Interview and feature on Ali Youssefi, a property developer trying to bring more affordable housing to Sacramento, California in the most equitable way.

First published in The Iranian on 10 May 2017:

Sacramento, once known as a ‘staid government town,’ has been undergoing a gradual evolution. While retaining its historical character, a raft of regeneration measures has converted the urban profile of California’s capital into a walkable and much lauded community within the downtown area. The new look is partly due to Ali Youssefi, Vice President of CFY development, a real estate development company that builds and manages apartment complexes throughout California. And it could just be the start of an urban revolution.

Youssefi explained how he got there and how his approach is a great way to create an integrated and diverse community…

So, Youssefi moved back to Sacramento and shortly after joining CFY, he realized he had an interest in infill housing – a type of urban development that utilizes existing infrastructure. He explains this type of development is inherently more environmentally friendly than suburban development on greenfield land as well as several other benefits: “when you’re doing infill development you reduce the use of scarce resources and you promote more sustainable forms of transportation. Infill development is just that – filling in gaps where certain infrastructure already exists.”

While the company utilizes both new construction and adaptive reuse within the urban development scene, it is preservation of historic structures in the city that forms part of the company’s corporate mission. But Youssefi’s vision is about more than just preserving the historic character of the city.

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