A Grenfell survivor tells The Canary how he fears the council will make him homeless [The Canary]


Source: Twitter/Flickr

Interview with a Grenfell Tower fire survivor on the blaze and his experience afterwards with the council.

First published in The Canary on 19 June 2017:

After escaping Grenfell Tower from the 17th floor, a survivor explained how his support from the council has left him fearing the worst and believes it may be trying to class him as intentionally homeless.

28-year-old Mesrob Kassemdjian spoke to The Canary at the Westway Sport and Leisure Centre by Latimer Road, a stone’s throw from the harrowing scenes seen only days before. The Westway is the official assistance centre for friends and family, but it’s one of numerous efforts set up around the community, offering accommodation, food, drink, clothes and toiletries. In the absence of sufficient state support, the citizen-led response has been immense, with arguably too many physical donations.

But Kassemdjian, a Grenfell resident who survived the unprecedented blaze, is only hearing about these efforts piecemeal; relying on rumours and secondhand information to find assistance while the council’s response has been frosty.

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