Victory as one woman faces down a housing giant and keeps her home [The Canary]


Report on Beti Mahari’s court victory against her Guiness’s action for rent arrears. she feared could lead to eviction amidst unfair housing policies.

First published in The Canary on 7 March 2017:

As The Canary reported on 3 March, housing association The Guinness Partnership was dragging Betiel Mahari, known as Beti, through an long ordeal.

In the latest episode of a South London debacle that some have described as “social cleansing”, Mahari attended Lambeth County Court on the morning of 7 March. The Guinness Partnership claimed the hearing was to agree a payment plan for rent arrears. But Mahari believes the hearing was a way to evict her. She has after all been fighting the housing association to uphold her right to housing since her first eviction from Loughborough Estate in Brixton, South London, on a social rent tenancy. Her home was demolished to make new affordable housing stock.

Guinness put Mahari on a new ‘affordable rent’ tenancy at £265 a week, an amount she says no one can call affordable.

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