Trump as a catalyst for the Israeli far-right [The New Arab]

Within a week of Trump’s election, expansionist efforts in Israel were already being ramped up to legalise unauthorised settlements

It feels like Donald Trump’s presidency has woken up a tribe.

Not just Republicans and those on the right of the political aisle in the US, but also an extremely far-right clan otherwise known as the “alt-right”, who have gained increased fervour to unleash themselves on the world.

This catalyst is not limited to America, but has empowered fringe groups globally.

Because after all, we’re not talking about a small country no one cares about. This is a superpower that impacts various regional dynamics the world over. This is no less true in the Middle East and it’s no secret that Israel received the news of Trump’s presidency with keen anticipation.

This is because the new, right wing agenda of President-elect Trump has ushered in the words the right-wing government of Israel wants to hear. Supporting Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, slamming the Iran deal and promising to be Israel’s closest friend.

But this news hasn’t come as music to the ears of just the conservative national government, it has also empowered those who used to hover on the margins of Israeli society. The settler movement for instance, that had already started effervescing during Netanyahu’s government – the most right-wing government Israel has seen – is one such example.

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