Thousands of Brits tell Trump where to shove his Muslim ban, and MPs have the best response


On the ground report of London protests – part of nationwide protests – against US President Donald Trump’s travel ban, saying that Britain should not welcome the President in a state visit. At the same time, in the House of Commons, MPs debated an emergency motion condemning the US ban.

First published in The Canary on 31 January 2017:

One protester, Sarah, told The Canary that she was there because Trump and May had “deeply offended” her:

“I’m deeply offended by the behaviour of Theresa May. I think the state visit wasn’t in her gift and she shouldn’t have invited him. And I’m deeply offended that Trump is trying to suggest that there’s something normal in this racist ban. And that he said he was going to do it and he’s doing it, and we’re being asked to somehow celebrate the fact that our Foreign Secretary thinks it’s somehow sufficient to exempt British citizens. That’s not the issue. That’s not the point. I’m terrified that every time we’ll absorb another outrageous thing that Trump does. We have to resist everything and resist every outrage.”

Another protester, Zara, shared Sarah’s views, although she didn’t think the UK should ban Trump completely. But she said that May should “call a spade a spade” and tell Trump that his policies were unacceptable.

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