Opinion: International Media and Palestine [Journal of Palestinian Refugee Studies]

Opinion piece on the media and Palestine, in the context of the internationalisation of Palestine.

First published in Journal of Palestinian Refugee Studies Volume 5/2:

What is often missing from any discursive action on Palestine is the issue of Palestinian refugees and the right of return. This is the epitome of resistance for Palestinians, to demand their right of return to the very villages that they were ousted from after the 1948 and 1967 conflicts, notwithstanding the constant displacement that has been ongoing in order to build and expand Israeli settlements that are engulfing the West Bank.

News on demolitions do not make it into premium column space, which is perhaps where social media and independent media have their role in building awareness of the aggressive tactics that are being employed in everyday life. The reason however, that it has failed to mobilise the third intifada as was envisioned, is that rather than empowering refugees, it has worsened their conditions.

Refugees of Palestinian origin are becoming refugees for the second time and facing further discrimination and resentment from Arab hosts. Refugees are therefore, preoccupied with being refugees. The onus hence falls on the international media to bring their plight to the forefront and remind the world of the universal and irrevocable human right of return to their homeland.

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