An equal-rights bi-national one-state solution is the only solution [The New Arab]

Did Trump just kill off the two-state solution? The time has come for a single-state, with equal rights for all, before Israel creates one without Palestinians.

First published in The New Arab on 17 february 2017:

In the three weeks since Donald Trump took presidential office, he has besmirched the White House with a tornado of executive orders and a string of cringeworthy diplomatic interactions.

Abe, May and Trudeau‘s meetings with Trump were intensely scrutinised, but it’s his relationship with Bibi that has so far been the most curious. While the Israeli right may have been optimistic that Trump would provide even more leeway for a Zionist takeover of the whole of Palestine, temporary doubts were cast when Trump described settlement construction as “unhelpful” to peace.

It has long been assumed that that peace would be based on a “two-state solution”. But Trump’s statement – “I’m looking at two state and and one state, and I like the one that both parties like” – appears to imply otherwise.

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