World War 1 Impact on Palestine [Palestinian Return Centre/Al Jazeera Centre for Studies]

Source: Amazon

Co-editor on book project – World War 1 Impact on Palestine – a collection of essays from Y Aktay, J Keay, G Karmi, J handmaker, K. Sabbagh, P. Shambrook, J.H. Hassan,O. Miles, A. Gorman, G. Achcar and more S Abu Sitta. Foreword by Richard Falk.

Product description on Amazon:

Great Britain recently marked the centenary to commemorate the First World War (World War I), 28 January 1914 – 11 November 1918. The Great War, as it was known, was not only the deadliest war in history but possibly the most transformative: its impact resonated through political change and revolutions throughout the world, defining new borders and determining dominions. One nation that knows this more than any other is that of Palestine, who’s future played out after growing support for Jewish migration during the war. This transmutation of the demographics and politics of Palestine is vehemently palpable today as the nations of Israel and Palestine find themselves in a protracted conflict and the Palestinians stateless and displaced. This combination of injustice, resistance and humanitarian catastrophe that has profound geo-political repercussions deserves astute historical and legal analysis. The Palestinian Return Centre and Al Jazeera Centre for Studies are no better placed to do so and have been pioneering research and contributing significantly to the discourse around this issue for almost a decade. It is therefore, of no surprise for it to convene fourteen leading historians, lawyers, academics and officials to evaluate events preceding, during and after World War I in order to inform the view surrounding the Palestinian crisis.


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