Women are standing together to show solidarity against the burkini ban, and it’s utterly inspiring [The Canary]

First Published in The Canary on 25 August 2016:

The event of a burkini-wearing woman on a beach in Nice being asked to remove her clothing has sparked widespread outrage. In a short space of time, these angry voices are garnering the attention of almost every media outlet going – and for very good reason. They have something very important to say: let us wear what we want.

Flash beach party
It was only on the afternoon of 24 August that a group of independent and incredulous women discussed among themselves the need to make some sort of show of protest – to stress that asking a woman to remove her clothes on a public beach is just not acceptable.

Within 24 hours, an ingenious flash beach party, escalating from a group of 10 Facebook friends to a 4,100-strong show of support, was in full swing. Around 100 women were estimated to have turned up in the drizzle outside the French Embassy in London. The dress code – #wearwhatyouwant.

Lying on sand, women attending the ladies-only beach party passed around a beach ball explaining exactly why they were there.

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