The trigger-happy EU policy involved in an ongoing ‘crime against humanity’ [The Canary]

Source: Pixabay/Wikimedia Commons

First published in The Canary on 23 August 2016:

When questioned by The Intercept, Frontex officials said they shoot to stop smugglers rather than boats, although the difference is not so apparent.

The smugglers, however, seem to have become very aware of how the coast guard will react.

Sabrina Chaudry, a volunteer with Insaaf, a group that provides humanitarian support to undocumented migrants arriving in Europe, spoke to The Canary about how smugglers often defer the risks associated with driving their vessels onto the smuggled passengers.

Chaudry described how the smugglers choose a random passenger to drive the boat to shore. They are shown the basics and left alone to veer the boat to the coast. According to her, smugglers bringing refugees to Lesvos rarely drive the boats themselves.

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