High levels of civilian casualties threaten to derail the coalition’s stated objectives in Syria [The Canary]

Source: Flikr/Day Donaldson

First published by The Canary on 22 July 2016:

Continued coalition airstrikes are raising concerns from human rights groups due to the mounting death toll of civilians after airstrikes purportedly targeting Daesh (Islamic State) units and positions. Experts warn that the high levels of civilian casualties threaten to derail the coalition’s stated objectives.

High civilian death toll

Airstrikes that took place on 17 and 18 July near Manbij on the village of al-Turkah were conducted against Daesh (Islamic State) targets. The US Central Command reported that 29 strikes took place near Manbij and struck 23 separate tactical units, while destroying 35 fighting positions.

But Amnesty International (AI) and the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights have received additional reports that many slain in the airstrikes against al-Tukhar, a village near Manbij, were civilians. Reports from local activists, bereaved neighbours, images and video footage confirmed to the NGOs that between 56 and 60 civilians at a minimum had been killed.

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