A Lebanese architect just created your next war-zone essential [The Canary]

Source: Marcel Rachad

First Published in The Canary on 26 August 2016:

Salim Kadi has designed the first ever bulletproof headscarf, which is much lighter than traditional bulletproof garments but just as strong.

Kadi didn’t design it to stop flying shots, though. Instead, he wanted society to pause, and start a conversation about current perceptions.

And he has done just that.

The chequered headscarf, known as the keffiyeh and traditionally worn in the Middle East, has become a well-known symbol. For some, a symbol of resistance. For others, a symbol of militancy. But actually, it is just very practical. It protects the wearer from the harsh elements of a desert climate (the sun and the sand) and differentiates between tribes. Thanks to Kadi, it could now have a further function, and be bulletproof.

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