The uncertain future of France’s refugee camps (The New Arab)


Source: Sophia Akram

NGOs in France have built a model refugee camp and the state now wants to take it over. But do their long-term intentions involve anything other than dismantling it?

For those news readers who rely on headlines and front pages to keep abreast of the refugee crisis, they’d be forgiven for thinking that the Calais Jungle or the “disgrace” of Dunkirk, as Jeremy Corbyn described it, had disappeared.

Little is made of the fire that burned down 250 shelters in the Calais slum and the fact that the French state tried to block the building of a new installation in Grand Synthe.

The arrival of Camp in La Liniere made for a blip in newsfeeds, but its contrast to the old camp in Basroch, is noteworthy.

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