Suicide bombings: martyrdom or military tactic?

Source: The New Arab

Source: The New Arab

Suicide bombings – a chilling and archetypal representation of terrorism for the West – have increased year-on-year, and 2015 has seen the most number of suicide attacks led by Improvised Explosive Devices to date.

Action on Armed Violence (AOAV) reported that 10,538 persons were killed or injured in suicide attacks with 9,109 of the victims being civilians. This is a 78 percent escalation over the past four years and a dramatic extrapolation since 1981 when the first and only suicide bombing took place.

As well as a spike in numbers, the geographical trend of suicide attacks has also grown, reaching 28 countries. Their impact per attack acceding to circa 31 persons per explosion, mostly in non-conflict zones.

This growing trend needs to be addressed but may result in more aggressive policies that has the added effect of challenging freedoms, derogating rights, and creating a chain reaction that leads inevitably to more long-term harm.

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