Calais refugees: Escape from war but the traumas continue

A picture taken on February 22, 2016 in Calais shows the "Jungle" migrants and refugee camp. Local French government authorities said on February 12 they want to move up to 1,000 migrants living in the "Jungle" camp in Calais. They could be housed in a new centre of converted shipping containers which was set up this winter and can house up to 1,500 migrants, or in other centres around France. But, according to humanitarian associations the number of people living in the camp is up to 3.450 and not 1.000 as mentioned by the government. / AFP / DENIS CHARLET

Source: Middle East Eye/AFP

As the threat of eviction that refugees in France’s Calais “Jungle” is delayed by a French court, the temporary sigh of relief won’t be enough to ease the psychological traumas of the camp’s inhabitants.

It remains unclear exactly when the French government will destroy the refugee camp, but one thing is for sure: they may be far from the wars they fled, but the battle for survival is not yet over.

Refugee flows from the Middle East to Europe have never been so extreme and the effects are being felt by all communities – European residents worried about pressure to local services, civil society groups stretched to capacity and, of course, no-one is feeling the strain more than those in the centre of the “European Migrant Crisis” – the migrants themselves.

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