UK Immigration Picture 2003-2013

The picture below illustrates that the UK experiences immigration into it from a diverse mix of countries. The figures definitely are skewed towards the South Asia sub-continent, the United States and New Zealand and Australia. This suggests that the majority of immigration occurs for skilled labour. Poland is also a notable country of origin, which has long been commented on as providing a prolific stream of migrants and filling low-skilled jobs but driving wages down. However, less immigration is witnessed from the other EU member nations. There is roughly an even split between immigration by males and female but the 20-34 year age range dominates the scene, followed closely by the 35-64 age range, again indicating that the majority of migration occurs for labour. What is interesting is that within the male figures, there is no 15-19 year age range but for females there are. This could be due to the number of female young persons being brought over legitimately but for illicit purposes such as prostiution. The figures are representative of 2003 – 2013.


See Slemma


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