The mysterious disappearance of Sharif Mobley

Source: Al Araby Al Jadeed

Source: Al Araby Al Jadeed

On 26 January 2010, a US-born father of two of Somali origin was taken from his street where he was residing in Sana’a, Yemen by eight unarmed men in Balaclavas.

He was shot in the leg and thrown into a van, taken to an unknown location, beaten and questioned. He was threatened with further torture and rape in a Yemeni jail, with the same promised for his wife.

His captors? The law enforcement officials from the Federal Bureau of Investigation and their assailants, the Yemeni security services. For Mobley, there wasn’t even the console of law and order coming to his aide as he was playing victim to the abuse of the only power he could have sought redress from.

The two agents interrogating Mobley identified themselves as Matt and Khan from the FBI and Department of Defence respectively. They wanted to know about Anwar Al-Awlaki and another al Qaeda preacher; both of whom were killed in US drone strikes.

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