Journal for Palestinian Refugee Studies – V4/5 Issues 2/1 Autumn/Spring 2014/15

JPRS_iconRecently, on 27 April 2015, a letter to the United Nations (UN) Security Council delivered the public summary of a report of the Board of Inquiry regarding incidents in Gaza during the recent conflict. The UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon expressed his “profound and continuing concern” for civilian populations of the Gaza Strip and Israel. The report investigated seven incidents involving the concerning targeting of UN facilities as well as the alleged accusations of the use of schools to launch attacks.The UN say their findings highlight the need for a more permanent solution. This inquiry is different to the inquiry commissioned by the Human Rights Council, who’s mandate has been extended until June this year. 

A number of human rights organisations have since last July documented and reported on violations during the conflict. In the latter part of 2014, the Journal for Palestinian Refugee Studies commissioned a number of articles that have analysed various parts of the Gaza Conflict 2014 and ongoing concerns to the situation of Palestinian Refugees. 
The PRC have published the issue and you can find it here and attached. Please read and feel free to feedback on any of the articles you find within it.

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