The global battlefield – America’s war and the special relationship

Source: Open Democracy

Source: Open Democracy

Over the tail end of 2013, the UK received a series of the much awaited ‘Dirty Wars’, which cited some of the shocking revelations exposed by investigative journalist Jeremy Scahill and director Richard Rowley in their feature length documentary, ‘Dirty Wars’, as it screened at cinemas nationwide. Joined by a panel of experts in the field, the preview left a shell-shocked audience to contemplate and debate the role western Governments play in countries that are, apparently, breeding terrorists.

The film opens with the aftermath of a night raid in Afghanistan on an Afghan police chief, his consequent murder along with that of two pregnant women living in his household. A witness sees US forces dig the bullets out of the dead bodies and attempt to cover the incident up. The story then goes on to uncover the existence of JSOC, the Joint Special Operations Command who became exposed after the killing of Osama Bin Laden, but Scahill’s film brings to light their preceding and on-going covert activities in countries all over the world including Yemen and Somalia. As he puts it, ‘the world is a battlefield’.




  1. The western hypocrisy never fails to impress because they justify droning countries by excuse of being white saviors of poor native women; the greatest war card used by all excellent countries from the WEST.


    1. That or ‘national security’ is their overarching get out clause


      1. Yes, true indeed. Thanks for highlighting this issue at your blog.


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