When You don’t Exist

Amnesty International (in collaboration with Grain Media) have come up with a  powerful campaign to raise awareness for the human rights of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers in Europe and its borders.

People flee their country of origin for many reasons: for fear of persecution, poverty and war, for example. Asylum may be one of the best human rights solutions possible to enable someone to be lifted out of situations that threat their most basic inherent rights such as the right to life, freedom from degrading and inhuman treatment or social and economic liberty. But unfortunately as well as facing serious dangers in their journey to safe spaces i.e. many may suffocate in containers or drown in waters while being smuggled across the borders of other countries; they are confronted with further rights infringements spurned by the bad stigma and negative attitude towards migrants in Europe.

The video forces the viewer to see forced migrants through a lens of humanity by placing themselves in their shoes. What if the tables were turned?

Current attitudes need to be influenced in order for public policies and laws towards forced migrants to be changed.

Please open someone’s eye by sharing the video and liking the facebook page – do share the page with all of your friends.

What is your view on migration policy in Europe? Please leave your comments below.



  1. Jamie S · · Reply

    That’s a powerful little film. Our collective memories are very short so it is easy to forget that conflict and persecution has caused people to flee from Europe. Good that it is so short as well. Any ideas about how AI plans to distribute it? Will it be televised? Very expensive I’m sure but you can’t beat it for wide exposure.


  2. I’m not sure what Amnesty plan to do with it – my guess it’s intended to go viral so let’s hope it does!


  3. Unfortunately European attitudes towards migrants is becoming more and more negative, day by day. Being a world-traveler and arriving in Europe has made me question- life and humanity. Each day I see migrants being treated unfarily. The European laws give protection, but people within system like police, migration departments, lawyers etc fume and rant on “why” laws protect migrants! May God protect humanity. ameen. I will use this AI video in my blog, hopefully that’s ok?


  4. Of course – I think they’d appreciate all the viral publicity they can get!


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