Report on the detention of Peter Biar Ajak and pattern of arbitrary detention in South Sudan. First published in Al Jazeera on 15 August 2018: On July 28, Deng Ajak-Agutdau received a phone call with news that his brother had been arrested at Juba airport by the National Security Services (NSS), South Sudan’s intelligence agency. […]

  Book review of ‘Women, Whistle-blowing, Wikileaks: A Conversation’. first published in Fair Observer on 28 July 2018: Information, as powerful as it is, belongs to everyone and can help in individual self-determination. At the center of any WikiLeaks discussion lies Julian Assange, the platform’s founder who has been embroiled in scandals and accusations of […]

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Sophia Akram investigates how one West London Caribbean community’s cultural identity has been eroded Portobello’s Acklam Village is known for its bustling weekend market, one of the few remaining market spaces left in London where local traders are holding on to their stalls. It’s a weekday however, and the Village’s…

Feature on Maryam Qashqaei Shojaei, an Iranian activist who is trying to change Iran’s rule on allowing women into sport stadiums: Maryam Qashqaei Shojaei grew up watching football on TV with her mother in Iran. Her mother used to reminisce about attending sports matches in stadiums in Tehran prior to the 1979 Iranian revolution. At […]

  Book Review on an edited collection from Jamie Stern-Weiner and published by OR Books called ‘Moment of Truth: Exploring key questions on Israel and Palestine’. First published in Middle East Eye on 29 June 2018: How does one consider 70 years of conflict that countless UN resolutions, global power brokers and peace activists have been […]

Report on Iranian activist’s protest at the World Cup on women’s access to stadiums. First published in The Iranian on 29 June 2018: While it may not have been an all out win for Iran this World Cup, there were nonetheless still some small victories. Iran’s team did not finish last in its group. It […]

Interview with CODEPINK’s Medea Benjamin on her new book ‘Inside Iran’. First published in The Iranian on 5 June 2018: Medea Benjamin’s entry into the public sphere came with disruptive vigor in May 2013, when she interrupted an address by former US President Barack Obama to object to his then policy on the use of […]